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The living notes 

To build a catalogue of recordings is in no way comparable to the – perfectly respectable – occupation of a lepidopterist, who contemplates the most beautiful species of butterflies lined up inside a glass case. For La Dolce Volta, every work we record is first and foremost a living piece of music: each interpretation we preserve for posterity is the result of a dialogue with the artist, from the conception of the programme to the physical realisation of the album.

La Dolce Volta is at the service of musicians who also recognise themselves as artisans, specialists in the skilful moulding of sound. This explains why each release is the fruit of a long maturation, necessarily impervious to passing vogues and the invasive noise of the world in which, too often, the present moment concentrates forgetfulness of the past and indifference to the future.

The musicians who pursue their project with passion do not appear before the microphones of La Dolce Volta by chance. It is of little importance how old or young they are. Only they know that they are ready. And it is when they have dispelled all doubts, and completed their reflection, that the red light can finally be switched on and silence can fall before the first notes of music resound.

Welcome to our world.

Creation of the label.

Aldo Ciccolini records the first of what will prove to be his last three albums.

27 october 2011

Philippe Bianconi’s disc of Debussy’s Préludes receives unanimous acclaim from the press.


Voted Label of the Year by Classica.

Menahem Pressler – the emblematic pianist of the Beaux Arts Trio – makes the first of his three solo recordings for the label.


Reissue of the complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach by André Isoir.


The sumptuous album of Schumann’s Three String Quartets op.41 by the Quatuor Hermès receives numerous awards in the press.


The sumptuous album of Schumann’s Three String Quartets op.41 by the Quatuor Hermès receives numerous awards in the press.


Dana Ciocarlie is acclaimed for her recording of Schumann’s complete works for solo piano.

Camille Thomas’ album Réminiscences receives the Echo-Preis for ‘Best Chamber Music Recording’.


La Dolce Volta launches its annual festival at the Salle Gaveau in Paris.


Olivier Latry makes the last recorded document of the organ of Notre-Dame de Paris before the fire in the cathedral.


La Dolce Volta supports the Fondation des Hôpitaux de France during the first lockdown.

Jean-Philippe Collard’s album of Granados’ Goyescas is unanimously praised for its graceful and capricious atmosphere, mixed with sensual nonchalance.

The two-piano version of the Ninth Symphony played by Cédric Pescia and Philippe Cassard is one of the rare discographical discoveries of a highly conventional Beethoven year.


In these uncertain times, with the world changing before our very eyes, La Dolce Volta continues its recording schedule, multiplies its editorial partnerships and fights actively for the survival of culture.