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A Travel Album

Florian Noack,

Of the many young talents who emerge on the music scene, there are a few who possess that little extra which captivates us. Such is the case with Florian Noack, whose generosity and radiance shine forth from the very first meeting. His vivacity and curiosity are fascinating. His ten fingers galloping all over the keyboard amaze audiences. And, above all, his sincerity and humility command respect.

A journey through the folklore of many different nations, sharing the unique flavour of their music, whether virtuosic or discreetly moving, and sometimes offering his own world premiere arrangements: this is the amazing sonic adventure on which we are invited to join Florian Noack, one of today’s most exciting artists.


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For his first recording on La Dolce Volta, Florian Noack presents an album focusing on the dance. Brahms, Grieg, Schubert, Rachmaninoff, Szymanowski, Komitas, Janácek, Nín, Martucci and Grainger provide an itinerary brimming over with virtuosity, poetry, intimacy and sometimes even a touch of preciosity.

It takes all Florian Noack’s extremely varied talents to bring out the quintessence of these pieces which, in other hands, might never transcend the salon repertory. With the utmost naturalness, this young pianist displays his mastery of sonority and colour, set within the framework of an infallible yet never demonstrative technique.

Florian Noack, a splendid and generous musician, reveals a true genius for transcription. He is undoubtedly one of those rare artists who reinvent the repertory.

Percy Grainger : “British Folk Music Settings”


  • No.19 – Molly on the Shore 3’21
  • No.18 The Knight and the Shepherd’s Daughter 2’31

Johannes BRAHMS / Florian NOACK – Deutsche Volkslieder WoO33

  •  No.30 – All’ mein’ Gedanken Lebhaft und herzlich (G major) 1’54
  • No.31 – Dort in den Weiden steht ein Haus. Zierlich und lebhaft (G minor) 1’05
  • No.7 – Gunhilde In ruhigem Zeitmass und theilnehmend erzählt (E minor) 2’20
  • No.34 – Wie komm’ ich dann de Poots eren? Lebhaft (A minor) 1’32


  • Sergueï RACHMANINOV / Florian NOACK, Russian songs Op.41 No.3 3’39


KOMITAS, 2 Armenian Dances

  • No.2 – Yerangi 2’30
  • No.5 – Shushiki 1’51


Edvard GRIEG, 3 Slåtter Op.72 (Norwegian Peasant Dances)

  • No.14 – The goblin’s bridal procession at Vossevangen 2’07
  • No.6 – Gangar 1’15
  • No.4 – Hailing from the hills (Tune from the Fairy Hill) 3’26


Paul LADMIRAULT / Florian NOACK, Variations sur des airs de biniou trécorois

  • Ronde 0’52
  • Bal 0’56
  • Passepied 0’57
  • Bal 0’59
  • Bal 0’47


Franz SCHUBERT, Waltzes D.145

  • Waltz n°1 1’16
  • Waltz n°2 0’45
  • Waltz n°3 1’35
  • Waltz n°4 0’36
  • Waltz n°5 0’32
  • Waltz n°6 1’16
  • Waltz n°7 0’58
  • Waltz n°8 0’58
  • Waltz n°9 0’37
  • Waltz n°10 0’43
  • Waltz n°11 0’56
  • Waltz n°12 1’07


Leoš JANÁČEK / Florian NOACK, Lachian Dances

  • No.2 – Požehnaný 2’20
  • No.5 – Čeladenský 2’05


Joaquin Nín  – Danza Ibérica (“A May Night in Seville”)


Karol Szymanowski – 4 Polish Dances (extracts)

  • Mazurka 1’06
  • Krakowiak 1’13
  • Oberek 3’48


  • Giuseppe MARTUCCI / Florian NOACK, Tarantelle Op.44 No.6 5’49


Florian Noack was born in Brussels in 1990. At the age of twelve he entered the programme for Outstanding Young Talents at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, where he studied with Yuka Izutsu. He subsequently continued his studies at the Musikhochschule in Cologne with the Russian pianist and composer Vassily Lobanov, and at the Musikhochschule Basel with Claudio Martínez-Mehner.

Florian Noack has very quickly made a name for himself with his passion for rare works from the Romantic and post-Romantic repertories, and his concert programmes often include such composers as Lyapunov, Alkan, Medtner and Dohnányi. He is also the author of transcriptions, which have been taken up by such musicians as Boris Berezovsky, Dmitry Bashkirov and Cyprien Katsaris.

He has won prizes at some twenty international competitions, notably the Rachmaninov International Competition, the Robert Schumann International Competition and the Cologne International Competition. He has also won the Grandpiano Prize and has held prizes and scholarships from the Fondation Belge de la Vocation, the Bourse Spes, the Fondation Banque Populaire and the Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund.

Florian Noack is a frequent guest at many festivals in Europe, China, South Korea, the United States and Japan. Among the notable venues where he has performed are the Cologne Philharmonie, the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, the Oriental Art Center in Shanghai, the Beijing Concert Hall, the Comédie des Champs-Élysées in Paris, the Konzerthaus in Dortmund and the Xinghai Concert Hall in Guangzhou. In France, he appears regularly at such festivals as the Festival Chopin, L’Esprit du Piano, Les Pianissimes, Piano en Valois and the Festival d’Annecy.

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