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I Wanna Be Like You – The Piano Transcriptions

Florian Noack,

« After several years of transcriptions devoted exclusively to Russian music, I felt the urge to explore new horizons, to tackle repertory that presented new challenges and called for new ways of approaching the piano. This was also the moment when I met and began studying with Claudio Martínez Mehner, who, among a thousand other things that I owe to him, introduced me to the Baroque repertory and taught me to love it. »



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Does Florian Noack’s take on transcription smack of forbidden delights? From Bach to the Sherman Brothers, the pianist denies himself nothing, especially not the pleasure of liberally sprinkling his good humour and insolent virtuosity over these pieces of every hue. Here is a delightful album in which repertory masterpieces and unexpected musical universes come together in perfect harmony under his fingers and gain new light and life, joyful, playful, airy and poetic, thanks to the magic of his inspiration. With exquisite taste, Florian Noack’s transcriptions and paraphrases take us into a world of freedom and refinement, where novel sounds and subtleties of language are delicacies to be savoured . . . guilt-free!


Johann Sebastian Bach / Noack


Concerto for four harpsichords in A minor BWV 1065 (after Vivaldi) *

  • 1. Allegro 3’45
  • 2. Largo 2’22
  • 3. Allegro 3’08

Felix Mendelssohn / Noack


  • 4. The First Walpurgis Night * 10’43

Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov / Noack


Scheherazade op.35

  • 5. The Sea and Sinbad’s Ship ∙ Das Meer und Sindbads Schiff 4’07
  • 6. The Story of the Kalendar Prince 3’48
  • 7. The Young Prince and the Young Princess 5’17
  • 8. Festival at Baghdad – The Sea – The ship breaks against a cliff surmounted by a bronze horseman 8’28

Johann Strauss II / Noack


  • 9. Paraphrase on various waltzes * 6’19

Tielman Susato / Noack


Danserye *

  • 10. Pour Quoy 1’30
  • 11. Dont vient cela 1’58
  • 12. Den Hoboeckendans 1’02

Sergei Prokofiev / Noack


Symphony no.1 in D major op.25, ‘Classical’ *

  • 13. Allegro 4’11
  • 14. Larghetto 3’53
  • 15. Gavotte – Non troppo allegro 1’43
  • 16. Molto vivace 4’16

Dmitri Shostakovich / Noack


  • 17. Waltz no.2 op.99a (from Suite for Variety Orchestra no.1) 3’30

Richard M. & Robert B. Sherman / Noack


  • 18. I wanna be like you (The Monkey Song, from Disney’s The Jungle Book) * 2’30

* World premiere recording on CD

The Belgian pianist Florian Noack has quickly made a name for himself thanks to the originality of his programmes, his passionate championship of rare music, and his virtuoso transcriptions of orchestral works.


He has been distinguished by such awards as the ECHO Klassik (Young Artist of the Year), the Diapason d’Or of the Year, the Octave de la Musique (Artist of the Year) and the International Classical Music Award.


His career has taken him to numerous festivals in Europe, China, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Mexico.


Florian Noack has also won prizes at many international competitions, including the Robert Schumann International Competition, the Cologne International Competition and the Rachmaninoff International Competition for Young Pianists. He appears as a guest with the Liège Royal Philharmonic, the Orchestre National d’Île-de-France, the National Orchestra of Belgium and the Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie.


Florian Noack trained with Vassily Lobanov and Claudio Martínez at the Musikhochschulen of Cologne and Basel. He has also worked with Ferenc Rados and Rita Wagner.

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