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For fifty years now, the Talich Quartet has taken its

place in a prestigious lineage of Czech musicians.

The very name ‘


’ evokes the banks of the Vltava, so dear to

Smetana and to the people of Prague. Jan Talich Senior, the creator of the

Quartet, was the nephew of Václav Talich, music director of the Czech

Philharmonic Orchestra from 1919 to 1939. It was he who made it one of

theworld’s finest orchestras before KarelAncerl came to harvest the fruits

he had so patiently cultivated.

In 1997, the last musician in the family, Jan Talich Jr, took over the reins

of the quartet from his father, surrounding himself with three talented

musicians. The future is now theirs to mould, a future they cannot

envisage without taking account of their tradition.

In their first forty years, the Talich revealed a style, an approach,

a philosophy of music that the current line-up perpetuates and

continues to nurture.The newmembers have succeeded in preserving

that lightness of tone combined with density of argument, that

spontaneity of expression combined with musical experience, those

unexpected accents combined with those rooted in an illustrious

tradition, that innate feeling for allusions to folkmusic blendedwith a

culture passedon fromgeneration togeneration,which characterised

their elders.