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Do you enjoy exploring rarely performed repertory?

Yes, but it’s not a sufficient criterion in itself, because in the end I think posterity

has done its job pretty well. Let’s say that there do still exist treasures that are, if

not buried, at least underestimated, and that I endeavour to play them as often as

possible. I’m thinking, for example, of the late works of Gabriel Fauré, which I place

above all else, or, in a very different style, some pieces by Josef Suk that I discovered

recently – and there are plenty of others. Let’s not forget that the great Ysaÿe went

so far as to threaten certain promoters that he would cancel the concert if they

didn’t agree to put a work by Chausson on the programme! I haven’t reached that

point, but I do have a certain distaste for excessively conventional programmes,

and I don’t like offering audiences onlymusic they knowalready. For me, in the end,

a concert programme can’t be rich and exciting if it doesn’t include one or more

works of our time, fromamasterpiece of the contemporary repertory to the simple

discovery of recent compositions.