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YSAŸE // Six Sonatas for solo violin op.27

David Grimal,

David Grimal’s first recording for La Dolce Volta contains the Six Sonatas for unaccompanied violin by Eugène Ysaÿe, an extraordinary violinist who played in his era a role compa- rable to that of Niccolò Paganini. They constitute peaks of virtuosity that few violinists can even contemplate tackling.

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It is worth noting the total and all too rare fidelity to both the letter and the spirit of the text in these performances. David Grimal displays the full maturity of his playing: he has made his own the very essence of each movement, with its architecture and its specific gestures. His transcendental yet invariably humble technique works wonders.

The widest imaginable palette of colours, accents and dynamics bestows musical truth on this album, recorded in July 2019. And beyond our admiration for the technical mastery, we can clearly perceive the emotion inherent in these pieces. For David Grimal, Eugène Ysaÿe was one of the key figures of the violin at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth cen- turies, and a source of personal inspiration. He sees in this corpus ‘a document of astonishing creative power that looks back to the past, reflects the present and opens out towards the future.’

Interpretations and explorations with David Grimal, a magis-terial servant of Ysaÿe’s music.


Sonata no.1 in G minor, ‘Joseph Szigeti’


  • Grave 5’29
  • Fugato 5’27
  • Allegretto poco scherzoso 4’36
  • Finale con brio 3’02


Sonata no.2 A minor, ‘Jacques Thibaud’


  • Obsession 2’50
  • Malinconia 2’37
  • Danse des Ombres 4’02
  • Les Furies 3’49


Sonata no.3 in D minor, ‘Georges Enesco’


  • Ballade 7’46


Sonata no.4 in E minor, ‘Fritz Kreisler’


  • Allemanda 5’11
  • Sarabande 3’18
  • Finale 3’11


Sonata no.5 in G major, ‘Mathieu Crickboom’


  • L’Aurore 4’39
  • Danse rustique 6’05


Sonata no.6 in E major, ‘Manuel Quiroga’


  • « Manuel Quiroga » 7’50

‘One realises, listening to David Grimal, that a large part of the beauty of his musical gesture comes from a unique ability to question his art.’ ARTE

David Grimal is a musician who enjoys an international reputation for the originality of his musical career. In his tireless quest to reflect on the role of his art in society, he juxtaposes perspectives in order to make music differently by reinventing the sense of the collective.

He is invited to perform with the leading conductors and the most prestigious orchestras in the world’s foremost venues.
David Grimal is the creator of ‘Les Dissonances’, the only symphony orchestra in the world that regularly plays the standard repertory without a conductor.

As an artistic director, he has developed the concept ‘Let’s play together!’ based on his experience with Les Dissonances. David Grimal rehearses the entire concert programme with the musicians in order to prepare them to play without a conductor at the concert. He then shares the platform with them by performing a concerto.

He is a sought-after pedagogue, and currently teaches at the Hochschule für Musik in Saarbrücken, where he also develops conductorless projects with the student orchestra.

David Grimal is regularly invited to sit on the juries of international competitions and gives masterclasses all over the world.

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