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RAVEL // The solo piano works

Philippe Bianconi,

While Romanticism still lingered here and there at the dawn of the twentieth century, Ravel turned his back on it: French and modern, his music does not go in for effusiveness. So was Ravel reserved? Was he impassive? Do his piano works, as stylishly turned out as the man himself, reveal nothing of his inner secrets?

Behind the sheer magic of the sound, of its seductive, dazzling surface, Philippe Bianconi detects passion, sensuality, profundity, oscillating between light and shadow, lively, embodied, witty and poetic.

This is distinguished Ravel playing, flavourful, passionate, sensuous, as elegant as it is colourful. From Jeux d’eau to Le Jardin féérique, an enchantment!

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