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Dana Ciocarlie,

‘Happiness is a bubble . . . that changes colour like the iris and bursts when you touch it’. – Honoré de Balzac

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One day I dreamt of snow, lots of snow. The flakes looked like bubbles, and fell to the ground instead of rising to the sky as bubbles do. In the distance, I saw an isolated house, lost in the immensity of this subdued landscape. Then I realised the house was my childhood home. Memories and dreams intermingled and I heard music. As a child in Romania, I was cradled by the music of Mozart and the cimbalom that accompanies the dances of the Dobruja region; as a teenager I discovered the pieces of Chopin and Debussy, indelibly linked with my teachers of that time. As a young concert pianist, my knowledge was enriched by new images of travel. First of all in France, my adoptive homeland, then in Europe, in America, and finally in Armenia by way of China. Wonderful memories of communion with other musicians . . .

I had a dream and that dream became a fabulous reality, a celebration.

As I sit on the sofa in my living room, beside a crackling fire, my friends enter one after the other and come up to me. Some of them I have known for a long time, others are friends made only recently. Glasses are served, filled with a nectar, an ambrosia worthy of the gods. The bubbles loosen tongues, the stories take flight and mingle. The stories told here permit us to share and exchange our experiences. Their lives have sometimes been cruel as well as sweet, but they all continue to vibrate in music, to dance the waltz or the tango.


  • Francis Poulenc − Les Trois Dames 1’41
    (extract from Parisiana)
    with Philippe Katerine
  • Lucian Blaga − Je veux danser 0’42
    Julie Depardieu, reciter
  • Paul Constantinescu − Joc dobrogean 3’56
    (extract from Trois pièces pour piano)
  • Alexandre Aroutounian − Impromptu for cello and piano 4’02
    with Astrig Siranossian
  • Claude Debussy − Golliwogg’s Cake-Walk 2’52
    (extract from Children’s Corner)
  • Astor Piazzolla − Fracanapa 2’14
    with Pascal Contet
  • Nichita Stànescu − Chanson 0’54
    Julie Depardieu, reciter
  • Erik Satie − Je te veux 4’43
  • Kurt Weill − Je ne t’aime pas 2’26
    with Juliette Armanet 
  • Franz Schubert − Marche Militaire in D major D.733 n° 1 5’00
    with Anne Queffélec
  • Artemi Ayvazian − Danse arménienne 2’12
    with Astrig Siranossian
  • Pascal Contet − Sparkling Girl 2’23
    (arrangement by Fred Harranger for accordion and piano)
    with Pascal Contet
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart − Rondo in D major, K. 485 5’56
  • Francis Poulenc − Montparnasse 2’43
    with Philippe Katerine
  • Komitas − Je ne peux pas danser 1’11
    with Astrig Siranossian
  • Traditionnel canadien − Hangman’s Reel 2’08
    with Gilles Apap
  • Philip Glass − Modern Love Waltz 4’05
  • Jean-Pierre Armanet − This is America (and I feel like electricity) 3’13
  • Gilbert Bécaud − Le Pianiste de Varsovie 4’51
    (arrangement by Cyrille Lehn for voice and piano)
    with Isabelle Georges
  • Frédéric Chopin − Grande Valse brillante op. 34 n° 3 2’24
  • Lucian Blaga − Trois Visages 0’22
    with Julie Depardieu, reciter

Dana Ciocarlie trained at the wellsprings of the Romanian piano school, like Dinu Lipatti, Clara Haskil and Radu Lupu before her. But she also studied in Paris, with Victoria Melki at the École Normale de Musique and in the classes of Dominique Merlet and Georges Pludermacher on the postgraduate course at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique. Her encounter with the German pianist Christian Zacharias was of decisive importance, in particular for deepening her exploration of the piano works of Franz Schubert.

Gifted with a mercurial temperament in which generosity vies with commitment, Dana Ciocarlie possesses an extensive repertoire ranging from J. S. Bach to the composers of today. Some of them have dedicated works to her, including Edith Canat de Chizy, Karol Beffa, Frédéric Verrières, Jacques Lenot, Helena Winkelman and Dan Dediu. She is recognised as one of the leading interpreters of Horatiu Radulescu.

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