Louis Thiry / MESSIAEN / Solo Works for Organ

In 1972, the musical world was still reeling from the impact: the significance of Louis Thiry’s recording of the complete organ works of Olivier Messiaen did not escape anyone, and the set was immediately seen as indispensable. This multi-award-winning set has acquired mythical status, and we owed it to ourselves to give it a new lease of life thanks to a subtle remastering.

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It is in his organ music that Olivier Messiaen most perfectly expresses the originality and power of his temperament. The instrument was for a long time the privileged vehicle of spiritual meditation for Messiaen, who used it to explore all the possibilities of his instrumental language and succeeded in renewing his musical aesthetic without ever renouncing tradition.

Louis Thiry’s version is striking for its grandiose inspiration and intense spirituality.

The organist Louis Thiry (of whom Messiaen himself wrote: ‘Louis Thiry is an extraordinary organist. An accomplished virtuoso, a total musician, with an unparalleled memory and skill: he can be classified among the heroes of music!’) easily and undemonstratively copes with all the difficulties accumulated by the composer. He then goes even further by admirably recreating the teeming richness of this strongly
coloured, contrasted music.

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