Florian Noack // Prokofiev, “Visions fugitives”

The pianist Florian Noack makes a striking musical portrait of Prokofiev. His prodigious virtuosity defies the percussive provocations of the Sixth Sonata and the furious outbursts of the Russian composer’s Studies. Nor does the interpreter forget that Prokofiev, a genius melodist, is able to take the listener into the unprecedented world of his Fugitive Visions (Fleeting visions).

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This project by Florian Noack has a twofold purpose. To tackle the music
of Sergei Prokofiev on record for the first time. And also to detach himself
from programmes that may smack of dissimulation: rare works, violently
personal ones, transcriptions behind which the performer hides in the
hope that he or she will not be noticed too much.

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