Florian Noack / A Travel Album

Of the many young talents who emerge on the music scene, there are a few who possess that little extra which captivates us. Such is the case with Florian Noack, whose generosity and radiance shine forth from the very first meeting. His vivacity and curiosity are fascinating. His ten fingers galloping all over the keyboard amaze audiences. And, above all, his sincerity and humility command respect.

A journey through the folklore of many different nations, sharing the unique flavour of their music, whether virtuosic or discreetly moving, and sometimes offering his own world premiere arrangements: this is the amazing sonic adventure on which we are invited to join Florian Noack, one of today’s most exciting artists.

For his first recording on La Dolce Volta, Florian Noack presents an album focusing on the dance. Brahms, Grieg, Schubert, Rachmaninoff, Szymanowski, Komitas, Janácek, Nín, Martucci and Grainger provide an itinerary brimming over with virtuosity, poetry, intimacy and sometimes even a touch of preciosity.

It takes all Florian Noack’s extremely varied talents to bring out the
quintessence of these pieces which, in other hands, might never
transcend the salon repertory. With the utmost naturalness, this young pianist displays his mastery of sonority and colour, set within the framework of an infallible yet never demonstrative technique.

Florian Noack, a splendid and generous musician, reveals a true genius for transcription. He is undoubtedly one of those rare artists who reinvent the repertory.

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